Quality guarantee

Coonen Clinic maintains exceptionally high standards, led by the experienced former neurosurgeon, Joris Coonen. We exclusively use top-tier A-brands for our treatments. Believing in constant growth, we stay updated with the latest in the field by attending numerous courses, workshops, and congresses around the world.

Experiencing Issues?

Coonen Clinic is deeply committed to the care and satisfaction of our clients. Despite our best efforts and attention to detail, there may be times when you’re not completely satisfied. If this occurs, we encourage you to submit a complaint. Rest assured, we take every complaint seriously and will work diligently with you to resolve the issue. We also view complaints as valuable feedback to enhance and improve our services further.


Addressing Your Concerns

To file a complaint, please email us at info@coonenkliniek.nl. Kindly include a detailed description of your concern, including the specific treatment(s), location, and time(s) involved. We will reach out to you within two working days to address your complaint and strive for a resolution that meets your satisfaction.



If you find that your concern cannot be resolved directly with us, you have the option to seek assistance from the complaints committee of DOKh. DOKh is an independent organization dedicated to handling your complaint with care and offering guidance throughout the process. For further details, please visit www.dokh.nl.